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Windows 95/98/ME/XP Tips & Tricks

Note: Some tips as written may not apply in XP.

Taskbar - Here are several things you can do with your taskbar!

Start Menu - Customize your start menu for the way you use your computer!

A Win95 Easter Egg! - The product developers of some software company's like to put hidden messages or animations in their products or cheat codes in the games they make and we call those Easter eggs! Here's one for Windows 95!

Windows Restart - Windows takes too long to reboot, try this quick tip!

More Icons! - Ever wish you could change those boring icons windows uses? Well you can. Windows has lots of hidden icons. (you can even make your own!)

Creating Icons! - Yes you can make your own icons and here's how.

Creating Wallpaper - Create your own wallpaper from practically any image! Even your icons!

Print Screen - Ever wonder how to make that print screen key on your keyboard work? Well here's how to capture any image on your screen, even from the web and use it for wallpaper, icons, whatever!

DUN Redial - Your trying to connect to the internet using  your Dial Up Networking (DUN) connection but it's that time of day and you have to keep dialing and dialing till it connects. The redial feature is already there, you just have to turn it on. Here's how.

Installing Programs - Did you know there's a right way & a wrong way to install programs? 70% of computer failures can be attributed to end user error. Click here to learn how to install programs the right way. Your computer will last longer!

Note: Some tips as written may not apply in XP.

We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.

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