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We know how hard it is to find good quality help in the computer industry. Softserve PC's has been around since 1994 & we work hard to earn your business. Our customers have rewarded us with excellent referrals, in fact, over 90% of our business is repeat & referral!

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Marvin has been our computer technician for a number of years. His wife, Rita is a friendly woman who schedules all the appointments. They are dependable people who do what they say. I highly recommend Marvin Somerton of Softserve PC's,

Best of all, Marvin comes to the house to work on our two computers and one lap top. We can count on Marvin being punctual. If for some reason he is delayed by the work of the previous appointment, he always calls to say exactly how many more minutes it will be before he arrives. When he is here, he works quickly and without delay. 

He is knowledgeable and is a natural born teacher who is patient and clearly explains whatever it is that I need to know. I have learned much from his answers.

Another strength of his is that he is a good listener, and he uses available resources. On one visit when I expressed concern about losing all my files if the computer crashed, he eliminated the worry by suggesting that he use the second hard-drive that I already had and was not using. He installed a backup program that he himself has written. Without the expense of buying anything new, my mind was at ease knowing that my information was being saved to a second hard-drive. It is doubtful that both hard-drives would crash at the same time.

Recently Marvin built a wonderful new computer for me using some of the usable parts from my six year old computer. This saved considerable money by not having to totally trash the old computer. He gives a very detailed and itemized written estimate of what the parts and labor will be. When rebuilding computers, he disconnects the computer, takes it away to rebuild it, and returns and sets it up ready to use. The new computer comes back set up exactly like the old one was. Once back at the house, he sits there and checks everything out before he leaves.

When Marvin says that he guarantees that nothing will be lost, he means it! You can count on him! Earlier I had him upgrade my computer from Windows 98 to Windows XP and found that all programs and information were right there as they had been before.  

More than once when I have had a problem, Rita has suggested that perhaps I might call Marvin on his pager, and see if he could help without coming to the house. I appreciate the fact that they are not money hungry. They are truly interested in helping Marvin's clients. 

Marvin is a one of a kind computer person. You will be thankful that you have him to call when you have computer problems.


Marvin came to my house and confirmed my computer wasn't working because the power supply needed to be replaced. He brought a new power supply with him but after much effort was unable to install it due to the incompatibility in size. As it turned out, my HP Pavilion was made with a rare small-sized power supply. He suggested where I might be able to get one and showed me how to hook it up myself. When I asked him how much I owed, he said ''Nothing. If I don't fix your problem, I don't charge.'' Wow, what great service! I would definitely recommend this company. BTW, I finally found a power supply, hooked it up per Marvin's instructions and now my computer is back in business




Marvin came to my home/office and inspected my existing computer system and my company needs. It was determined that my system was six years old and out-dated as well as needing work. We discussed my company needs as far as record keeping and accounting records. He gave me suggestions on back-up procedures as well as speeding up my PC. He gave me a quote and told me he takes pride in delivering a "turn key" system where as he transfers all files and programs so you can just sit down and commence working. He not only accomplished doing just that but I now have a system that backs up all my data with a push of an icon on my desktop. Thank you, Thank you.! It was a pleasure.



Jane and I were commenting earlier today, "Marvin, sure did a great job on the new PC's!"  Thanks so much.  It seems to be a contest now on who gets a turn, even though we have two!  Our goals of having something the kids would enjoy (and at the same time become more computer savvy) is paying off.  Jane is having fun, and I'm finding it to be breeze and so much faster.  We are all learning some new things.

Thanks for taking care of us like it was your own!

We really appreciate doing business with you (and Rita, too).


Hi Marvin,

We just wanted to tell you thank you for all your help and I know we pay you for this service, but it's always nice to be acknowledged for all your hard work too.  Right?

Thanks again,

Cindy & Craig

Hi Marvin,

Just wanted to say thank you again and let you know how much I appreciate you and all you've done to make it possible for me to have the upgrade I've been dreaming about. I've had such a great afternoon exploring and everything is wonderful!!

Thanks again.


Marvin came out to download data from my old computer to the new one.

I had an appointment for Marvin to come out and download all our data from the old computer to the new one. When he came out he explained to me that it would probably take him 4 hours to do, paying $80/hr. He said that I could save a lot of money by letting him take both towers home. That way he would only charge me 2 hours worth of work, because he could be working on more than one machine ( I guess there's a lot of time waiting for data to download). To make a long story shorter, he will be picking my computers up next week and then bringing them back a couple of days later. He seems like a great guy and guarantees his work 100%. I'm looking forward to having the work done.


My computer was not running well. It's four years old and it was very slow. Marvin spent a good amount of time deleting old programs and programs that were not needed. He deleted Norton and downloaded a new spyware at no cost. He spent at least two hours and then came back another time to back up my hard drive and download photos from a new camera.

It was more money than I wanted to spend, but the computer runs beautifully and I wasn't ready to replace it yet. I think Marvin is knowledgeable and I trusted him. He also gave me an Angie's List discount.


Cleaned up my software, installed antivirus, kept telling me what he was doing and involving me in decisions.

A very good learning experience and a successful upgrade of my computer.


Marvin worked on our computer network. He first investigated and then corrected problems that we were experiencing with our printing network. He then cleaned up three computers to correct problems that we were experiencing with speed and "glitches".

I found Marvin to be very knowledgeable. He did not waste time trying one thing and then another. He seemed to know exactly what to do to hunt down and eliminate the problems. He also carefully explained all that he did. He was very professional.


My home computer (three years old) had significantly slowed, began showing many error messages, refused to do simple normal function, and finally would not even full pick up my mail. I did all the usual things of cleaning out old stuff, defragging, etc. and it was still a mess.

Marvin called to say he'd be fifteen minutes late. I appreciated that. When he arrived, we talked briefly about the problems and he went to work, explaining what he was doing and why (not that I understood it all. Not his fault, I'm technically challenged). After an hour and a half, he had checked for viruses, spy ware, took off things I didn't need, reconfigured those I did, and my computer runs like new. And I learned a lot along the way. Now his card is taped to my computer; I'd never hesitate to call him in the future.


Marvin cleaned up both my laptop and home PC of misc. spyware and programs that were slowing their performance. He wrote a program to network (wireless) my business laptop to my home pc. This would allow me to back up important information on my home PC and to print to my home printer from the laptop. He also adjusted settings so the my portable printer would work with my laptop.

Marvin has been my computer man for years. He built my PC years ago with quality components that have lasted much longer than PC's from big box stores. He works very efficiently. I'm always amazed at how much he accomplishes in his visits. He has an immense amount of computer knowledge gained through pure experience over the years. I have recommended him to people at work, friends, relatives. All were pleased with his work.


Marvin came to my home and diagnosed my PC with a terminal disease. Even though the problem is one he has never seen in his many years in the business he determined that it would cost more to fix it than replace it. He assured me that he could save all the data on my hard drive and transfer it to a new computer. He helped me substitute my laptop as my main computer to take the place of my ailing PC, hooking up peripherals, cleaning the hard drive of excess programs, and generally helping it to function at a higher level.

Marvin was very good at explaining the complex workings of my computers. He was patient and went through and answered my list of questions with ease. Later I had a couple of questions for him and he gladly took my phone call and cleared up my questions. He recommended some things I might want to add to any new computer I order, such as a automatic backup drive. He provided a low pressure estimate to replace my PC.


Marvin had previously built a computer for me. He carefully selected the appropriate components and delivered an excellent machine with an outstanding warranty all of which exceeded the quality and warranty service of a factory built computer. In this instance Windows became permanently damaged, presumably by a virus, spyware or something. Marvin guarantees his work so he spent over 3 hours and did extensive research trying to find and eliminate the problem but without success and therefore without charge. He then backed up the entire machine, and reinstalled Windows, updated the drivers for all my programs and tested the peripherals (CD/DVD recorder, scanner, printer, audio system, etc.)

The described service was done efficiently and promptly.


Marvin did a total operating system upgrade.

He is sincere, conscientious, courteous, knowledgeable, and does a great job. He guarantees everything.


Our old computer finally gave out, and we purchased a new one. We hired Marvin to help us transfer the data from the old computer to the new one. Marvin went way beyond. He cleaned up the new computer from the many automatically (and unnecessary) programs thus making it run even faster than in original purchased state. He installed protection software and a really easy update feature.
Marvin and his wife Rita provide good communication and follow up. He is very punctual and accommodated our schedule. He took home both computers to do the data transfer, thus saving us a lot of money. He explains things well, is very meticulous and transferred all our data just as we asked him too. Nothing whatsoever was lost! Marvin delivered back our computers within the week, and made sure the new computer is working well. We were very pleased with Marvin and will be sure to use his services again in the future. He is reliable, honest and very knowledgeable. He also warrants all his work. We found out after we already bought our computer that Marvin would have designed a custom made computer for us. Next time! Call Marvin, you will be glad you did. We certainly are happy we found Marvin on Angie's.


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