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Marvin Somerton

Owner, Operator

Softserve PC's is a computer company for the rest of us. We've been around since 1994 and pride ourselves on providing top-notch computer services. Having a problem getting that new scanner to work? Printer upgrade not so simple? Maybe you just want to know your options before deciding to buy a new computer or upgrade the old one. We can even teach you how to use them!

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Why You Should
Hire Us

  • We Don't Charge to Show Up, We Charge to Fix it!
  • New Customers Get $10.00 Off Their First Service Call.
  • Affordable Onsite PC Repair.
  • We have a 1-year warranty on all parts & labor.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and There's Never a Charge for Mileage.
  • There are no hidden costs. What we quote you is exactly what you pay.
  • We can usually point you in the right direction for that new printer or peripheral too.
  • We only use top-shelf components so you can count on your machine lasting for years longer versus store-bought disposables! Call for a free consult today.
  • There is no charge for computer bids, mileage, tech support, e-mails, nothing. Only work we actually do! Even if we come all the way out to your home or business!
  • We have some of the best prices in town on computer stuff and we do not sell any substandard equipment period. If you're looking for a budget tower or a cheap monitor, you won't find it here. We only sell the best quality components and the manufacturers' warranties are usually 3 years to lifetime depending on the product.