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Windows Auto load (Win 3.x only)

Automating the "win" command - When you start your computer do you still have to type "win" at the command prompt? Well here's how to automatically boot right to windows. At the DOS prompt type: edit autoexec.bat then hit enter. Remember to include the space between edit and auto. When the file opens be careful not to change anything else in this file but what's written here or your system may fail to boot next time you restart. If you think you've made a mistake simply exit the program and tell it NOT to save the changes. Then reload the file and be more careful! Alright now if your system loads a DOS mouse driver at startup you'll be able to click to the bottom of the page. If not then use your down arrow on the keyboard to go to the bottom of the page. Once there add a new line called WIN This command will execute every time your computer restarts, look familiar? Remember to save the file when your done to make the changes take effect. Mouse users can go to: file, then save. Keyboard users hit ALT, then save. Are you using Windows for workgroups? Well if your machine is a stand alone PC then you can follow the instructions above but add the following switch: /N to your WIN command i.e.: WIN /N (make sure to add the space) That will tell windows not to look for network connections, and you'll be amazed at how much faster windows boots up!


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