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Windows 95 Secret!

An Easter egg! - Okay, at your windows 95 desktop, press the F1 key on your keyboard. When the help menu opens click on find, then options. Make sure the button for "All the words you typed in any order" is pressed. In the "show words that" box, make sure it says: begin with the characters you type then click o.k. Now back at the find tab, click your cursor in the text box window and type exactly: Who knows who built this tool? After that, hold down the shift & the ctrl key together and click on the clear button. Next click on the options button and click the button marked: At least one of the words you typed. In the "show words that" list.. select: contain the characters you type, then click o.k. Almost there.. now under the "find" tab, type: The Shadow knows! in the text box. (be sure to type it exactly!).. Now hold down the shift & ctrl keys again and click the clear button. Now enjoy the secret you've just uncovered!


We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.

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