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Taskbar Tips

Moving - Place your cursor directly on the taskbar and hold your left mouse button down. Now when you move your cursor to the top, bottom, or sides of the screen you'll see that your taskbar will follow, just release the mouse button when it's positioned where you want it!

Sizing - If you position your mouse cursor so that it is right on the edge between on the taskbar and on the desktop, you'll see a double headed arrow for a cursor. At that point you can hold your left mouse button down and stretch your taskbar larger or smaller! (You can even hide it below the screen!)

Auto Hiding - Auto hiding means you can make your taskbar stay hidden or "out of the way" till you need it. Just go to the start button and then settings, then taskbar. Next you'll see some settings for the taskbar, just put a check mark in the auto hide box and apply the changes. Now when you want your start button just move your mouse cursor along the bottom of your screen! Want an advanced lesson? Use your right mouse button on the taskbar, then select properties.. Viola! Taskbar settings!


We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.

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