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More Icons

Hidden Icons - Are you bored with the icons windows uses? Well there are lots of hidden icons buried in .DLL & .EXE files! First if you want to change an icon for a Dos program, right click the shortcut and select the program tab. Next click on change icon. The command line: C:\Windows\System\Shell32.dll will open and inside are many different icons you can select from! The C:\Windows directory also has some icons in it! Just type in the command lines I'll give you here and you'll find lots more!

Location Filenames
C:\Windows\ Moricons.DLL
C:\Windows\ Winpopup.exe
C:\Windows\ Progman.exe
C:\Windows\System\ Pifmgr.DLL
C:\Windows\System\ Cool.DLL (This file comes with Microsoft Plus.)
C:\Windows\System\ Shell32.DLL
C:\Windows\System\ User.exe
C:\Windows\System\ Systray.exe

* Note - There are numerous other .DLL, .EXE, .ICO files in your computer! Just type or browse your way to the directory they're in and take a look!


We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.

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