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Installing Programs

Installing Programs - When you install a new program for the first time, you should always close or turn off any programs running in the background. If you press ctrl-alt-del on your keyboard, the close program windows pops up. This is a list of all the programs currently running in the background. These programs load automatically at startup to take care of certain system functions like virus protection, software updates, etc. These programs should be turned off temporarily while you do your installation or else the install could fail. Certain programs need to update shared and system files during install and that can't happen while your background programs are still running. It's like trying to change the fan belt on your car while the engine is still running.

The way you temporarily turn off those background programs is to press ctrl-alt-del, select any program on the list, (except explorer or systray) and click end task. Don't close Explorer or systray, they need to stay running. Also don't click shut down on the close program box or else the machine will reboot and you'll have to start again.

If you have a lot of programs installed, it could take a while to shutdown all the entries. Fortunately for you there's a program called Enditall that will shutdown all those background programs for you with 1 mouse click! (except Explorer & systray). Remember to reboot after you finish your install so those important background programs reload again.

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