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Dos Search Command - Ever wish you could search for a file from the command prompt? Well try this. When you type in "dir" from Dos and hit enter all your directories go whizzing by. If you want a specific file and your in the right directory already just type for example: "dir myfile.doc" or what ever the file name is and it will appear showing size and creation date. If your not in the right directory or if your not sure where it is then type "dir /s myfile.doc" and Dos will search all the subdirectories in and below the directory your currently in. Pretty cool huh? Remember though that if you exited out of Windows to Dos mode, any files longer than 8.3 characters will not show as you'd expect. You have to type the Dos name for it. Example: computers.doc under Dos would read comput~1.doc. Dos can't display the long file names.

We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.

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