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Control Panel

Hiding Icons - Tired of people messing with your color schemes or your screen saver? Here's how to "hide" those icons in control panel. First you need to edit the control.ini file. If your not 100% sure you can do this, you should make a backup copy of the control.ini file first. Having said that, let's begin: In either program manager or file manager go to file, run, then type control.ini and click o.k. That will open the file in your text editor, most likely notepad. At the top of the file add a line like this: [don't load]. Below that put the name of the icon you want to hide like color or desktop and follow with an =no or =no way. Example: Color=no way (if you can't remember the exact spelling of the icon just open control panel and double check.) This cool little trick will also remove the reference to color or desktop from the "settings" menu in control panel. When your done, remember to "save" your changes by going to file then save.


We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.We accept credit cards.

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